The Thunderbird Clan is a Fellowship Member of the Pan American Indian Association

The Pan American Indian Association is not an Indian Tribe. We have no ties with the Bureau of Indian Affairs or any other tribal authority. We are people from all walks of life. Metis/mixed-blood, Indigenous Americans who have awakened to our tribal Spirit that is calling us home.

Our members are of many different tribal heritages. When one chooses to become a PAN AMERICAN INDIAN, they must Honor and Walk the Twelve Point Pledge, respect the laws local, state, federal. PAIA is for those who have tried to enroll into their ancestral tribe and for whatever reason have been denied and individuals who have felt the calling of the Ancient Turtle Lodge. All are welcomed into the Pan American Indian Association, as Brothers and Sisters.

We have our own 'Medicine Path Ways', inclusive to all who choose to share with us. We have our own Spiritual Leader and Spiritual Counselors, certified by our Council of Elders. We celebrate the Sacred Pipe, Asi (sweatlodge) the teachings of Grandmother Moon the cycles of Life, weddings, Cleansing/Blessing of Home, Namings, Funeral, etc. We have not taken from our Elder Relatives, we have UNITED, to Honor our ancestors with regard to who we are, Metis American Indians.

Teachings of the Sacred Inipi Sweat Lodge ceremonies


Everyone has not only the right to think for themselves but an obligation to do so. This is the natural way. We offer no guru's, no catechism to memorize. One must learn to respond to nature with a sincere sense of personal responsibility and let Spirit teach through observation and circumstance. We must walk softly with respect for Earth Mother and all our relation.

Our mission as Pan American Indians is to celebrate, preserve, support, and enrich the cultural heritage of all peoples, but particularly that culture of Turtle Island. While rejoicing in the differences of the ethnic cultures that belong to Turtle Island. We also affirm and proclaim the Equality of All who share this place, to learn and follow the Spiritual Path that touches their Hearts. Who are citizens of this Republic of the United States of America.

We affirm the right and obligation of each citizen to learn, grow and shoulder no more and no less than a fair share of the responsibilities of life here.

We affirm each citizens right and obligation to work, vote and to share in the Blessings which the Creator has provided here.

We affirm the Sacred responsibility each one has not to harm none, our Earth Mother, our Nation. We are to celebrate and protect what the creator blessed upon us.