Licensed Vocational Training School


Loving Hands is a private school, we reserve the right to accept/deny students based on the interview process

1. WE OFFER a 646 broken down into 16 classes. You must take the 144 hour Basic Swedish course first

2. THEN YOU CAN TAKE the remaining 15 COURSES, AT YOUR OWN PACE, IN ANY ORDER (except Intro to Neuromuscular Therapy- You must take Deep Tissue and Acupressure first)-

Our Massage Therapist Programs have been designed and developed for the benefit of those students who:

  • Have a desire to learn and become competent in the practice of Therapeutic Massage from a Holistic perspective.
  • Seek aid in their own creative healing process and Potential.

Students are encouraged to open intuitively to unique and highly personalized styles of massage.

Classes cover Theory and History of Massage, Basic Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, as well as demonstration and practice of the basic Principles and Techniques of Massage.

There is major emphasis on Hands on Experience.


To demonstrate various techniques to mobilize the healing process.  To discuss Holistic Medicine and how  it adds to Western Medical surgical approaches. To discuss current trends in Health Care including Holistic Health, Preventative Medicine and Stress Management.