Universal Concepts



Learn personal growth, development and interpersonal relationship skills. Apprentice with Hilary-TBD (course is currently being restructured). Learn universal concepts & teachings handed down through the ages in Native Societies throughout North & South America. Concerning the nature, purpose and possibilities of human existence using the Ancient Wheel of Life as a mirror which reflects not only what a person is, but also what they might become through the development of their potentialities.

Registration: TBA

Tuition $1300 / 140 Contact Hours

Learn Personal Growth and Development and Interpersonal Relationship Skills

An opportunity to learn organizational skills along with Ritual and Magic for those who are interested in learning to teach, counsel and facilitate healing circles or simply work on their own spiritual path, based upon METAPHYSICS, HOLISTIC HEALTH EDUCATION and the SACRED TREE TEACHINGS of the Medicine Wheel.

During this training program you will begin to experience how to:

  • Commune with the mineral, plant, animal and spirit worlds
  • Balance your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of self
  • Use ceremony in day to day life
  • Learn and lead sacred song and dance
  • Council and work with spirit guides/totems
  • Lead sacred circles and ceremonies
  • Promote and encourage self-created Rituals for personal empowerment of self and others.

The Apprentice Program includes a detailed Ritual Guide Book covering 12 ancient and sacred Rituals, The Sacred Tree Book, counseling materials , an 8 week class circle format and two CD's.

STUDENTS MUST COMMIT TO THE ENTIRE TRAINING PROGRAM (TBD). Those students who are seriously interested in pursuing a Ministry in the Sacred Tree Teachings and Natural Healing Arts, must make personal program arrangements with Hilary.

For further information and interview, please contact
E-mail: lovinghandsinstitute@gmail.com