Loving Hands has been in Humboldt County for over 35 years
With a solid reputation in this wonderful community, we look forward to sharing our knowledge and services with all different types of people from various backgrounds. We are proud to be the only state licensed and certified massage school in Humboldt County!!!

Loving Hands Massage students learn in a pyramid style. They gain a basic foundation and understanding of all the basic massage moves, which apply to all body types from head to toe. We believe that it is important to build a solid foundation and teach a full body routine, which is then adjusted to meet and exceed each client's needs. Each client is unique, so we offer students a holistic approach to get to know their clients and gain an understanding of what type of massage style, touch, and pressure they either enjoy or may need. A large part of a therapist's job is client education. For example, a Swedish massage is not always light in pressure, Deep Tissue is more about body placement than pressure. Students are taught how and when they should only use one modality versus when to combine several modalities together. All of our students learn flexibility, touch sensitivity, and how to be creative with or without a routine. We offer 7 core courses and several continuing educations seminars. A true therapist's education is never really "over", it is a continuous life journey. We also offer spiritual retreats and seminars for those who are interested in learning to teach, counsel and facilitate healing circles, or simply work on their own spiritual path, based upon METAPHYSICS, HOLISTIC HEALTH EDUCATION and the SACRED TREE TEACHINGS of the Medicine Wheel.

A great analogy is massage being similar to basketball or karate: you need to know the basics of passing, shooting, dribbling or kicking, punching etc. so you can achieve different levels of skills advancement and be able to work with different populations. This is why we start with basic Swedish massage and then move forward through other advanced modalities. Our Swedish massage course  teaches you how to massage every part of the body, while the client is professionally draped, from head to toe, including the face, fingers/toes and abdomen (and of course the feet, legs, arms, back, and, neck!) We then add new skills to each level of the student's "pyramid" so they can reach their full potential!! 

DR. ROSALIND SKYHAWK OJALA (11/12/1945 to 03/17/2015)

Founder of Loving Hands Institute. She was an Interdenominational Minister and Sacred Pipe Carrier of Native American and European Ancestry and Principal Chief of the Pan American Indian Association Thunderbird Clan of Redwood River Lodge. Skyhawk was an ABMP certified Massage Therapist and taught and facilitated classes in the Advanced Healing Arts and Holistic Health Education since 1969. 

In 1976, she helped open and was Head Supervisor of the Massage Therapy Staff and a Physical Therapy Aide at the Physical Therapy Center in Mill Valley, CA. Skyhawk also worked as a Physical Therapy Aide at Rafael Convalescent Hospital in San Rafael, CA, from 1976 through 1979 in the Physical Therapy Department.

1. Licensed to Operate School #1200261 (Bureau Private Post Secondary Education), Since 1989. "Licensed to operate means compliance with state standards as set forth in the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009" http://www.bppe.ca.gov
2. Approved by the California Massage Therapy Council, School # SCH0011  www.camtc.org